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If you even have a hesitation on our products, you can read some testimonials below!

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I have owned the Rose Index for a couple of years now, and although I do not use it every day, when I do need it I find nothing that really compares in simplicity and ease of use. It especially excels in my case for producing parts that are long for the vise jaws, and parts that need end work on both ends. It is also quite useful for cutting splines (really multiple key ways) on a part. This saves time as there is no need to switch over from a vise to a dividing head and tailstock.

The index is American made and of the highest quality. Every last detail has been covered from the black oxide surface finish, the careful deburring of edges, to the brass tipped set screws that prevent marring of the part surface. The best way I can sum up the quality is to say that if it were a micrometer it would be a made in America Starrett.

I think you need one of these in your machinist chest today if you were to ask me.

Dan K. - Onalaska, Wisconsin

I have the equipment to try to make one myself, but after seeing the CNC accuracy machined in to this product, and with the accuracy I need to put out after using this equipment, I purchased this product and am pleased that I did. If you want to put out a good product, you need to have good and accurate equipment, and home made usually doesn't cut it. When used carefully/accurately, the CNC accuracy machined in to this device, is reproduced into what I produce with it. Thank you Rosenthal Products for the two that I purchased, they're worth every penny.

Colette D. - Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Every job shop should have a pair of these. They are the most convenient and useful indexing tool that I have ever had my hands on. No more team lifting expensive and bulky indexing heads for one and two piece jobs. No more long set ups for short runs. It really is as easy as advertised. Well made in the USA with a fair price and reliable quality. Best addition to my toolbox in years.

Terry C. - Eldred, Pennsylvania