About Us

Timm Rosenthal
Hi, I am Timm Rosenthal. I am the inventor of the Rose-Index and Rosenthal Products. I’ve been machining parts since the early 1990’s. I have a day job cutting chips, and being a dad. My young computer prodigy is helping with the technological aspects and computer side of all of this. This wouldn’t be possible without him and my day job. This isn't my priority. Please be patient and know I need to continue my daily responsibilities….Yet know I sincerely appreciate you taking your time and having interest in some things very important to me.
This will be an interesting balance of a middle aged machinist and his young technically minded helpers. To do this with my lil guys is definitely a dream come true.


Carl Rosenthal
Hello! My name is Carl Rosenthal, and I love technology! I have no idea how it started, but it did before I was 5. I have always had a heart for doing stuff with computers. So here we are today! I am the one that edits videos, manages the website and much more for Rosenthal Products. I love it! I get to work with my dad and we enjoy time together. I very much enjoy helping out with this project, and I hope to have a great time on it!
See you around!